Our 2024-25 season starts up in September! Stay tuned!


Members interested in appearing in FMMC’s public concerts must audition.

Solo & Chamber   Orchestra   Chorale   Composers   Vocal Coaches

Auditions for Solo & Chamber singers and instrumentalists (including duo piano and piano accompanist) are scheduled in October and March each year. Video auditions may be submitted at any time (see below). Auditions for Orchestra string players, Chorale singers, and composers are scheduled upon request and have different requirements.

There is no minimum age for Performance Membership. Student Members are eligible to audition; however, most high school students choose to participate in our programs for younger musicians.


In-Person Solo & Chamber Auditions

Audition applications should be received one month prior to the audition date. For more information on in-person auditions and requirements, as well as to complete an audition application, please visit our Solo & Chamber Performance page.

Virtual Auditions

Applicants for Solo, Chamber, and Orchestra Performance Membership can opt out of live auditions by submitting a video audition through YouTube. Please read all of our requirements for Virtual Auditions before submitting.


Auditions Chair