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Announcing 2021-22 Virtual Friday Series

September 1, 2021

We received positive feedback about our Virtual Chamber Concerts all last season and we have decided to continue them in 2021-22. While they were originally recorded in isolation with no audiences, we are shifting them to be recordings of select in-person FMMC concerts (pending the pandemic). They will continue to be released on Fridays at 12 noon, but monthly instead of weekly.

While the most up-to-date place to find program details and dates/times is our calendar at, this page answers the most frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions that aren’t addressed here, please reach out to or

How do I watch these concerts?

These concerts will be available on our YouTube page (we won’t be simulcasting them on Facebook this season). You will not have to log in to view these videos or have a special link to access them, you’ll just have to tune in at their scheduled premiere time and click play!

When are these concerts taking place?

Broadcast Date and TimeRecording Venue
Friday, October 22 at 12pmCalvary Baptist Church, DC
Friday, November 26 at 12pmDumbarton House, DC
Friday, December 17 at 12pmStrathmore Mansion, MD
Friday, January 28 at 12pmDumbarton House, DC
Friday, February 25 at 12pmStrathmore Mansion, MD
Friday, March 25 at 12pmFairfax Old Town Hall, VA
Friday, May 6 at 12pmCalvary Baptist Church, DC
Friday, May 27 at 12pmThe Lyceum, VA
Friday, June 24 at 12pmDumbarton House, DC

For specific program details and dates/times, visit

How do I keep track of all of these concerts?

We send a weekly email the day before the performance with the specific YouTube link. The video won’t be available until its premiere time, but the link will be available in advance for you to bookmark if you choose. To ensure you receive these emails, you can register for our mailing list here.

Another way to keep tabs on these concerts is to subscribe to our YouTube channel! If you click on the link to our YouTube channel, it will take you to a page that looks similar to the one seen here. If you have a Gmail account, you also have a YouTube account and can sign in to subscribe. You’ll then get notifications about new videos that we have released.

Lastly, you can also set a reminder for yourself on the actual video. When we publish the link on YouTube, there will be a button the video to set a reminder when the video goes live. Simply click it, and you’re all set! Here is an example of that button:

How long will concerts be available?

Concerts will only be available for two weeks from the time of their premiere. This is a request of our performers.

How are you filming concerts?

Like last season, we are partnering with Paul Ritterhoff to record all of our concerts. Unlike last season, we are hoping that these will instead be recordings of in-person concerts with audiences, unlike the isolated recordings of the 2020-21 Season. If it is deemed that we cannot host in-person concerts due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, they will revert back to the recording method we used last season.

What safety measures are in place for performers and audience members?

Apart from our Vaccination and Mask Policy, we have also created a participation form and waiver to aid our participants in determining whether they can participate based on their risk level, interaction with different persons and locals, and potential symptoms. Every musician that participates in the series is required to submit this form and attest to their ability to participate. FMMC is doing everything it can to ensure that these concerts are as safe as possible, and we greatly appreciate that our participating musicians are doing the same.

We are so grateful to the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities for supporting this project.