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FMMC Vaccination & Mask Policy

September 16, 2021

The FMMC Board is implementing a general COVID-19 policy for its 2021-2022 season. This policy will be in effect for the full season unless circumstances warrant a change.

All meetings, rehearsals, and events (such as the annual luncheon) attended strictly by FMMC members are restricted to people who are vaccinated. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination.

Masking at all times (when possible for performing musicians) is required regardless of vaccination status at all of our performances and venues.

Since our performances take place at outside venues and we are there as guests, we need to follow the vaccination protocols set by the individual venues. We’re working with all the individual venues we associate with to determine how best to enforce our general policy (and uphold their individual policies). Please double check each event listing on the FMMC Calendar for further information on how each venue is operating.

As of 12/1/21, the following venues are requiring proof of vaccination:

As an organization that provides totally voluntary opportunities for the music community to meet, we feel strongly that people who participate in, or attend, our events should know we have done everything possible to ensure their safety. We will continue to stream monthly concerts for those unable for whatever reason to meet these requirements.