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Outreach Program

Providing free outreach concerts is a highly valued part of the Club’s mission. The FMMC Outreach Program serves community, retirement, and nursing centers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Whether you are preparing yourself or your FMMC students for a formal recital, testing out new material, reminiscing over old material, looking for more playing time, or hoping to introduce FMMC to new communities, the Outreach Program is a vehicle for you to express yourself and to shine a light on FMMC. Residents and clients of these facilities rarely have the opportunity to hear live classical music and greatly appreciate our programs. FMMC members, both individuals and ensembles, volunteer their time for the program.

How To Participate

FMMC players and singers perform small-ensemble concerts of approximately 30 to 45 minutes at senior facilities, libraries, and churches, and even coffeehouses, festivals, and other nontraditional concert spaces.

Participating venues have reserved specific dates and times for FMMC Outreach performances. Please see a list of participating venues under “Current Performance Opportunities” below, and email the Outreach Program at to indicate your interest. Once you are booked, you can communicate directly with the facility contact person about the performance space, type of audience, parking, and so on.

Current Performance Opportunities

To view current outreach performance opportunities click here.

Guidelines for Preparing an Outreach Performance

A discussion between the volunteer and the venue contact person in advance is important for a mutually satisfactory performance.

Program and Ensemble Creation

Volunteer performers are responsible for making contacts with other musicians to set up a program of more than one player. Musicians who are not FMMC members may perform with you.

Should you wish to seek other players for the purpose of forming an outreach ensemble, you may send an email to all FMMC members at or request a notice in the FMMC monthly newsletter about your interest in creating an ensemble.

Performance Reporting

FMMC volunteers who have played at Outreach sites are asked to report on their performances to, including dates, names of Club participants, and feedback. This allows us to document the extent of this important community service, as well as provide valuable information about the experience.


Outreach Coordinator