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Master Classes & Coaching

The Club has funds to support master classes and chamber music coaching sessions, offering these activities at the initiative of member committees.

Master Classes

Master classes are conducted by nationally and internationally known teachers, who critique the performance of Club musicians selected by the Master Class Committee. Attendance is open to Club members and their guests—the broader public is invited only when venue size permits—and the events provide useful insights for performers and audiences alike. Admission is free, but donations at the door and through the Club’s annual fund-raising drive are welcome and necessary to ensure the continuation of the program.

Currently, the Piano Master Class Committee organizes two events each year, featuring artists such as Brian Ganz, Ann Schein, John O’Conor, Ann Koscielny, and Aiko Onishi. Similar events for strings and voice have been held in the past. Members interested in organizing future events should contact the President and Finance Director and submit a proposal and budget, preferably during the spring budget planning period. The Piano Master Class Committee (listed in the Yearbook) can provide advice on how to proceed.

Upcoming Events

No events are currently scheduled.


Coaching for chamber ensembles preparing for performance was offered in the past through a grant from the Amateur Chamber Music Performers, which split the coaching fee with the Club. Members interested in organizing a coaching program should contact the President and Finance Director.