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Annual Meeting Business Matters

April 28, 2020

While we can’t host our Annual Meeting in person this year, both the FMMC Board of Governors and the FMMC Foundation Board will be meeting virtually to carry out our business both in May and June. Because of that, we wanted to present the key aspects of those meetings for our membership to review.

If you have any questions or concerns about the following information, please reach out to

Annual Reports

Each of our board members responsible for specific aspects of the Club has submitted a report for board discussion and for member review. To consult the document, please click here.

Bylaws Amendment

The Board has determined that a major cost-saving measure for future seasons is to change from an annual audit to alternate every-other-year between an audit and a review. Both will be conducted by our accounting firm, but this change will save the organization several thousand dollars each year that we participate in a review instead of an audit.

Here is the official language:

The accounts of the Treasurer shall be EITHER audited or REVIEWED BY AN AUDITOR on an annual basis.

Please review this language and notify us if you have any concerns. We will officially vote on this language at our June meeting.

Board Nominations

We have a number of Board positions that are up for election for this coming season. Below is a list of the nominees for the specific positions, who will be voted on in our upcoming meeting. Please review the nominees. If you have any questions or comments, reach out to


Janet Crossen, First Vice President, Auditions Chair

Michelle Fegeas, Second Vice President, Membership Chair


Grace McFarlane, Foundation Director


Mary Alice Davidson and Angelina Wong, Archivists

FMMC Foundation

John Kaboff, WIC String Competition Chair