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Policies & Procedures

Below are links to sections of the FMMC Policies and Procedures Manual as indicated in the Table of Contents. As noted, some sections are still being developed and others are reserved for internal administrative use and will not be posted. The Table of Contents and the component sections will be updated as changes are made.

Table of Contents

Part I: Basic Policies of FMMC

A. Nature and Purpose of the FMMC
B. Use of the FMMC Name and Logo
C. Effect of These Policies and Procedures
D. Amendment Procedures
E. Dissemination
F. FMMC Annual Task Calendar

Part II: Membership and Dues

A. Membership Categories and Policies
B. Dues
C. General Procedures for Becoming a Member
D. Honorary Membership Procedures
E. Life Membership Procedures
F. Membership Processing Procedures

Part III: Performance Membership and Auditions

A. Performance Membership Requirement and Exceptions
B. Attaining Regular Performance Membership
C. Auditions Policies and Procedures
D. Provisions Regarding Students (Ages 14-22)

Part IV: Formation and Administration of Groups Within FMMC

A. Becoming a Recognized Group
B. Internal Governance of FMMC Groups
C. Special Provisions Concerning Recognized Groups

Part V: Communication Policies and Procedures

A. FMMC Voice Mail
B. Office MailPart VII:
C. Web-based Mail
D. Listserve
E. Website Policies and Procedures
F. Facebook Site (to be developed)
G. Publications

Part VI: Retention of Nonfinancial Records

Part VII: Scheduling the Use of Concert and Other Venues

Part VIII: Financial Policies and Procedures

A. Budget Policy and Procedures and FMMC Reimbursement Form/Acknowledgement Form
B. Conflict of Interest Policy
C. Whistleblower Policy
D. Financial Record Retention and Destruction Policy
E. Use of DC Tax Exemption Certificate (for internal use only)
F. Maintenance and Control of Club Property
G. Contracts
H. Investment Policy – FMMC Endowment

Part IX: Relationship between FMMC and the FMMC Foundation